• Renault has enabled an entire town in France to go electric with a New ZOE for all of its residents
  • It’s the first time a settlement has been occupied by residents exclusively driving electric vehicles
  • Residents get a New ZOE for three years to prove how easy it is to move to electric mobility
  • Bestselling New ZOE has already clocked up more than 100,000 sales across Europe
  • Features 245-mile range, rapid DC charging capability and advanced infotainment system
  • Find more information on the New ZOE at

Renault has helped create the first 100% electric town by giving every household in the town of Appy in the Ariege region of France a New ZOE to experience for three years in a pioneering new scheme to prove electric mobility can be suitable for all.

However, it’s not as straightforward as it first appears. Appy, situated in the Ariege region in the south of France, is one of the most isolated towns in the country. That shouldn’t be an obstacle though, as the New ZOE’s 245-mile range and broad charging capabilities will help demonstrate that it’s easier than ever to move to electric vehicles, and that it’s not just the reserve of those living in urban areas.  

With New ZOE’s strong sales climbing since its introduction earlier in 2020 and with more than 100,000 models on the road across Europe, it’s already proving to be a hit among a range of buyers. In the remote rural town of Appy, all households receiving a New ZOE will be provided with a home charger – just like all customers in the UK – and there will be a public charger for the town. When plugged in to a DC charger, the New ZOE’s 52kWh battery can be charged to 90 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Appy residents will run the ZOEs for three years, sharing their impressions and experiences with Renault, in a first-time scheme that will likely inform and help understand the way customers interact with and use electric vehicles day to day. If the inhabitants of one of the country’s most isolated towns can adopt an electric way of life, it’ll prove that everyone can. That also means the myths around buying and running an electric car can be dispelled once and for all.

With the electric vehicle market tripling in the first quarter of 2020, there’s no better time to switch to electric, and the new Renault ZOE delivers an impressive 245-mile range, the latest infotainment technology and DC fast-charging capability, the result of being at the forefront of the electric car market and innovation for the last eight years.

The New ZOE is the culmination of those eight years of EV success, winning multiple awards despite only being on sale for a matter of months, with healthy order banks bucking the trend of the wider market.

Appy residents – along with regular ZOE owners – will be benefitting from a range of advanced features that come as standard on one of the New ZOE’s several attractive trim levels. This includes recycled seat material on selected models, a 10-inch TFT Drivers Instrument Display, intuitive EasyLink touchscreen infotainment systems in a range of screen options up to 9.3 inches in size, and a suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to ensure driving a ZOE is as easy and safe as possible.

It’s never been easier to buy a New ZOE. With the Renault Virtual Showroom, customers can research their purchase from the comfort of their home via a one-to-one appointment with a Renault guru, while the Online Stock Reservation tool enables potential buyers to browse a range of New ZOE models available to drive away in a matter of days. Finally, the Remote eSign Portal enables swift and easy finance agreements and signing, again, all from the comfort of home.

Available online and in Renault retailers, the New ZOE is available until the 30th September with £1,000 off as part of its Switch incentive, meaning the ZOE i Play R110 Z.E.50 can be yours for as little as £279 per month with a £2,250 customer deposit on a
2-year 0% APR PCP plan.

All New ZOE models also come with a free home wallbox for faster home charging, 5-year, 100,000-mile warranty including 3 years’ roadside assistance and 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the battery.


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French town goes electric with new Renault Zoe for all residents

French town goes electric with new Renault Zoe for all residents

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French town goes electric with new Renault Zoe for all residents

French town goes electric with new Renault Zoe for all residents

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French town goes electric with new Renault Zoe for all residents

French town goes electric with new Renault Zoe for all residents

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