Boulogne-Billancourt, January 10th, 2019 – Reuters News Agency has divulged personal data relating to Ms. Mouna Sepehri, Executive Vice President, Office of the CEO of Groupe Renault.

Groupe Renault wishes to reiterate that:

  • The latest update on the ongoing review process relating to the compensation of the members of Groupe Renault Executive Committee provided by the group Ethic & Compliance Department, with the assistance of independent outside experts during the information meeting of the Directors of Groupe Renault held on January 10, 2019, also addressed the personal situation of Ms. Mouna Sepehri.
  • This latest update of the review process covered the remunerations paid by Renault and its subsidiaries – including RNBV.
  • The review process has concluded that the remunerations are compliant and exempt from any fraud, in respect of all the current members of Groupe Renault Executive Committee, including Ms. Mouna Sepehri, for the 2017 and 2018 financial years.
  • Per the initial mandate, the review process will continue with respect to previous financial years.


Groupe Renault considers that the publication of allegations against an executive of the group, a few minutes after the meeting of the Directors of Groupe Renault, is part of a purposefully orchestrated destabilization campaign.

Groupe Renault finally notes that the press release published by Reuters News Agency contains information that is either erroneous or arranged in a deliberately biased manner, as well as personal data; they state that Groupe Renault reserves its rights to introduce legal proceedings as may be necessary.


About Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault has been making cars since 1898. Today it is an international, multi-brand group combining the Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and LADA brands. In 2017, it sold close to 3.76 million vehicles through 12,700 outlets in 134 countries. Groupe Renault employs more than 180,000 people and operates 36 manufacturing facilities worldwide. To address the major technological challenges of the future and pursue profitable growth, Renault focuses on international development. It is harnessing complementary coverage across its five brands; electric vehicles; and its unique alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi. With its Formula 1 team, Renault is active in motorsport as a powerful force behind innovation, image and brand recognition.


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